Full forms

Full Forms are also known as Short forms they are the abbreviations used to shortened the type of a word or a sentence it is also referred to as the group of words and letters. If you are preparing for a competitive exam or a job interview knowing various general acronyms could be highly essential to mark your success.

You would not want to face any embarrassment while taking the interview, working in corporate, or in daily life. Acquittance of various sorts of full forms and short forms.

Access a complete full forms list with the meaning, definition, and example. They can Categories numbers of sectors. I am providing All lists and try to cover all important and useful full forms here.

Full-Form Catagories

  • General Full Forms
  • All Computer-related Full forms
  • Automobile Full Forms
  • Banking Full Forms
  • Company Full Forms
  • Educational Full Forms
    • Examination full forms
    • Science Full Forms
      • Biology
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
  • Finance Full Form
  • Gadgets Full form
  • IT Full Forms
  • Internet-related Full forms
  • Medical Full Forms
  • Programming full Forms